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Fabric Upholstery

We clean sofas armchairs cushions bench seating dining chairs and mattresses We guarantee against any shrinkage and our intensive cleaning methods are beneficial in extending the life of your upholstery fabrics. 

Academy cleaning services employ two different methods for cleaning upholstery: a dry cleaning method and an injection extraction method.

The company operatives always test fabrics to select the appropriate method for optimum results special attention is paid to seams and corners where dust and grime can gather these processes leave the upholstery deep cleaned fresh and free from any unwanted odours. 


Leather upholstery 

We specialise in the cleaning and restoration of all leather upholstery including leather car seats.

All leather upholstery is cleaned using specialist approved leather feeds and creams which protect the upholstery and reduce the risk of fatigue, cracking or discolouration of the leather.

The application is applied by hand as this method offers far more beneficial results. A leather feed is applied to nourish clean care and preserve your leather. The leather can then be buffed to a high sheen leaving it supple and clean.