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Prior to carpet cleaning we are happy to help move furniture if needed. Our operative will then pre-treat the carpet before he starts.

Our specialist trained fully insured operatives use an industrial hot water soil extraction system to beautifully clean your carpets. This is a simple hassle free easy process done with the minimum of inconvenience to you the customer.

The method is injecting the carpets with a eco friendly non allergenic cleaning solution which dislodges any dirt and grit at the base of the pile of the carpet bringing it to the surface ready for extraction with our twin vacuum prochem steameasy 2000 system. 

Included within our solution we use is a disinfectant deodoriser which will improve air quality and kills all bugs and dust mites. An optical brightener which enhances the carpets colours and provides an even uniform appearance. A fabric softener which rejuvenates separates and untangles any of the carpet pile fibers.

The chemicals we use are all non allergenic and environmentally safe. They do not leave any sticky residues like a shampoo would do.

Our process will leave your carpets smelling fresh and looking beautifully clean.