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Before Carpet rug or upholstery cleaning commences it is recommended that a 3m stainshield is applied to the carpet either during or after the process. 

Stainguard serves two purposes:

1. If a spillage occurs, it simply sit on top of the carpet pile fibers instead of sinking into the carpet as it would if the carpet wasn't protected. So you simply have a maximum of 15 minutes to blot the stain away and remove the spillage without leaving a stain.

2. More importantly than stain protection stainshield stops the carpets from becoming soiled. dirt and grime has no purchase on the carpet fibers as stainshield is made up of a Teflon type coating which is how it works to stop penetration of any spot or stain

Stainguard does not rot, alter the texture appearance or smell of the fabric in any way shape or form. stainshield should be applied every time the carpets are cleaned or last approx 18 months. 


Anti Static Treatment for Carpet, Rugs and Upholstery

This is similar to stainguard, its included in the cleaning solution and provides an anti static barrier on the carpet surface against things like dust dirt and pet hair therefore making the carpet easier to hoover and keep clean


Fire Retardant 

This is a coating sprayed on to the fabric after cleaning and in the unfortunate event of  a fire occurring the coating acts as a further barrier against fire or flame and actually sets up a chemical reaction in the fabric causing it to cool therefore stopping the fire from igniting the fabric for longer this will give you the vital moments to evacuate before the fabric will start to burn. 


We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the work .